Trademarks & Copyright

If you are registering a company you may already be thinking about the long term value of your business. Every business has an image in the mind of the consumer. Sometimes this is referred to as the “brand image”. As your brand develops it becomes a valuable asset of your company and an important tool in your marketing processes. You may be able to be legally protect this brand identity by registering it as a trade mark.

Trade mark registration gives you a statutory monopoly to use the trade mark for the goods and/or services you supply to the exclusion of all others. Registration is proof of ownership of the trade mark. As companies grow, it is often their trade marks which become very valuable assets. Think of Coca-Cola, Apple or Renault and you will appreciate these household names are extremely valuable.

We are able to provide advice on how to get the most out of the application process.

We will consider your trade mark in the context of your marketing objectives and advise you about what you need to do to ensure comprehensive protection.

We provide a comprehensive trade mark search and registration service. We can advise you as to the suitability for registration of a proposed trade mark, carry out searches to assist you in determining if you should take a registration application forward, and complete all necessary formalities to register your trade mark.

Our services cover UK registration, Community Trade Mark registration and worldwide registration.

After registration we can keep you registration up to date, monitor potential infringement of your mark, assist with licensing and provide advice about maintaining your registration.

We can electronically file your trade mark search and registration applications
  • Monitoring
  • Licensing
  • Trade mark advice and assistance
Our Trade Mark services:
  • Initial advice and brand conceptualisation
  • Common law and statutory searches
  • Application formalities
  • UK, CTM and International registrations

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